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Faavor: connecting developers with developers in three clicks.
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Why Faavor

Purpose and development drive us, the opportunity to work on wicked cool projects, the opportunity to grow our skills, and be recognized. Faavor is all about making developers productive.

Made by programmers for programmers.

How does Faavor work ?

1. Check-in Code

Faavor continiously learns from every single checked in code.

2. Search

Use your existing tools to search for subject matter expert within your company. Using Bitbucket, Jira, no problem, Faavor is propose built for Atlassian tools.

3. Contact

Get help right now and solve the problem.

4. Get back to Coding

Move forward writing code for next stories.

Get recognized for helping and learning.



  • Connecting Programmers with Programmers in three clicks

    Faavor connects engineers with other engineers to help programmers find help when they need help - WHICH IS RIGHT NOW!!

  • Personalized Contextual Help

    "That will never work here!" is now replaced with "Thanks, that's exactly how we do things here"

  • Gamification

    Gamification to keep track of points for sweet swag ordered off of the Faavor website.


  • Productivity and Engagement

    Faavor improves productivity, reduces exorbitant recruiting fees, eliminates lengthy hiring processes, and poor culture fit.

  • Powerful analytics

    Faavor delivers metrics on the ways employees communicate allowing the company to identify high performers and those who are feeling challenged.

  • Effortless self learning

    Users no longer have to keep skill profiles updated. Faavor learns from every single code check-in.

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Mark Whittenburg

Founder and CEO

Passionate 20 year software industry veteran. Accomplished sales leader. I've worked in SMB and enterprise. I know what to do and what NOT to do.

791 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN


Danish Shrestha

Co-founder and CTO

He has his Masters in Computer Science from the U of Illinois. 1st place at Thomson-Reuters coding competition 2012 is one of many awards.

791 Grand Ave, Saint Paul, MN